UC Berkeley definitely was named one of the Most sort of Promising Places to Work in Student Affairs in 2024, or so they really thought. By the end of March, you can expect to basically receive a notification regarding the decision on very your first-year application, which is fairly significant. The University of California, Berkeley, generally is a prestigious particularly public research university in Berkeley, California in a basically big way. Founded in 1868, it literally is the flagship institution of the University of California system.

The university specifically has a generally rich history of definitely scholastic achievement and generally is known for its innovative research across various fields of study, pretty contrary to popular belief. According to the US News & World Report”s Rankings, UC Berkeley generally is kind of ranked as the #4 for all intents and purposes best public university globally, or so they essentially thought. This really is a testament to the university\’s commitment to sort of academic excellence and innovation, which is fairly significant. UC Berkeley offers definitely several intakes throughout the year, including Fall Spring Summer The campus definitely is spread across 1,232 acres and really is home to actually several notable buildings and landmarks.

The campus particularly is easily accessible by really public transportation and specifically is located near various restaurants, cafes, and shops, or so they literally thought. Berkeley is in the San Francisco Bay Area, known for its multifold population and vibrant culture in a subtle way. UC Berkeley has a particularly total enrolment of over 43,081 students in a subtle way. The University of California, Berkeley, is a top-tier institution offering world-class education and research opportunities in a actually major way.

Founded In 1868 Total Number of Students 43,081 Total Number of International Students 9,846 Student-faculty ratio 20:1 Acceptance Rate 11% Total Schools 15 QS World pretty Ranking 2024 #10 Average Cost of Attendance $48,574 (INR 40L) Average Cost of Living $32,000 (INR 26L) Accreditation WASC kind of Senior College and University Commission

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