Euro 2024: Dutch show looks at Complete Football in control to quarterfinal

It was perfectly basic football — the hardest thing there is, to duplicate Johan Cruyff. From the Dutch side of the middle circle, Jerdy Schouten moved a pass to Xavi Simons. A pass with neither power nor pace, however it perfectly split two Romanian shirts, the official and tracked down Xavi Simons in the space.

The playmaker padded the ball to his left side instep, turned on his right side, took a couple contacts, and delivered Cody Gakpo, ferreting on the left flank. He remove, then cut in, leaving his marker in the wake, took a touch to collect himself and hammered the ball net-wards, a low and fierce shot inside goalkeeper Florin Nita’s close to post.

It was a legacy objective from a legacy show, overflowing with a mix of pizazz and artfulness (besides before the objective), speed and accuracy, shipping briefly to the powerful 90s of Dutch football, with those profoundly gifted artistes of implosion. From the beginning, the objective was a three-man symphony. In any case, the replays would demand that more men were involved. While the men on the left gotten the objective going, the ones on the right assisted make the objective with occurring with wonderful development off the ball and dissipating the protectors’ consideration.


The second Schouten passed the ball to Simons, right-back Denzel Dumfries hared down his flank, constraining Romanian left-back Vasile Mogos to go to him. This, thus outfitted passed on winger Steven Bergwijn the space to go towards the focal point of the case, similar to a No.10. There was at that point the vigorously stamped Memphis Depay sniffing close to the goalkeeper. The Dutch appeared to have mathematical benefit, however it was a deception brought about by their positional predominance.

Freeze outline the second Gakpo was to pull the trigger, you could see Bergwijn in a gap of room. The objective, accordingly, was more absolute football than it initially went over, including Cruyffian standards of positional pivot, making an additional man and winning one-on-ones. Only one out of every odd move however was from the manual of Absolute Football, yet there were conceals that would have pleased its designers.

At any rate, this was an enthusiastic, on occasion stunning, execution dissimilar to the gathering games. To such an extent that a copyist told director Ronald Koeman that Cruyff would have cried had he watched them give up to Austria. He offered a practical response. “I realize he preferred going after football definitely, however I was a piece of his group for quite a while and we had more terrible matches than we did against Austria. Obviously, we are a pleased country; we like to win, we like to get along football, yet it’s not continuously (going to) occur.”

Merry proposition
This was not an overflow a solitary loss brought, yet a response to the grim football of Dutch for the most amazing aspect of 10 years. Before the Euros, a paper ran the title “All out Non-football”. He was blamed for partiality and “absence of thoughts.”

Going after football, however, at long last occurred. Right with impeccable timing, when the business-end is winking.


All along, they rediscovered the verve. The developments were sharp, the changes smoother, passing pinpoint, correspondence improved and squeezing more constant. A couple of changes to the forward line made a difference. Without precedent for the competition Bergwijn began the conservative and the arrival of Dumfries improved their message on this side. The right-sided combo unleashed ruin on the Romanian guard. Dumfries, all verve, squeezes high, makes fast covering runs.

Thus, Bergwijn slides in and really turns into a No.10. He has gleaming feet to wriggle out of restricted spaces and amplify half spaces, which makes the ideal bill to open low blocks. Every one of the objectives got through the left-side, however the business on the right-side contributed as well.

Yet, the masterstroke was opening the forward Simons into a more profound job. Only 21, he is inclined to wander slips, however he’s the most innovative maker available to Koeman. A flexible forward, fit for playing on the wings as well as misleading 9 or No 10, he led the ensemble with the development of a carefully prepared maestro.

Vision and speedy reasoning

The two objectives started from his vision and fast reasoning. His connection up play with Gakpo was suggestive of Arjen Robben-Wesley Sneijder tangos, yet on the contrary wing. In any case, for over-excitement before the objective, he might have made his presence in the scoring sheet as well. “I thought he was totally awesome. Enormous in his situating, his drive, how forcefully he wins the ball,” Koeman said.

In the event that he is the beat, Gakpo is the punch. A German paper called his objective Super To, interpreted as super hit. The shot timed 125 kph; a low-flung projectile. His quick reductions, similar to the swipe of a sharp blade, leaves the protector fastening his boot in air. Intensifying his intricacy to the full backs, he is a right-footed player working on the left.


In his traditional move, he gets the ball on his right flank, fakes to go down towards the byline, then, at that point, cuts inside and scores. Once in a while he would score at the close to post and at times he would make a couple of additional strides inside the punishment region, or right external it, and score at the far post. Now and again he would shoot low and at times he would shoot high. The left-flank Robben. “His beginning position is on the left side since he is truly hazardous assuming that he comes one against one with the right full-back,” Koeman would agree.

The administrator would expound his characteristics. “He can head inside, outside, he has his characteristics, he’s solid. He’s playing at an extraordinary level this competition, perhaps the main player as of recently. I trust that the rest can come to that level,” he said about the joint top-scorer of the competition with three objectives.

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Euro 2024: Dutch show looks at Complete Football in control to quarterfinal
His precision has gotten to the next level. Of his 11 shots, seven were on track, three brought about objectives as well. He makes objectives as well, similar to when he pussyfooted on the byline and strung a pass in restricted space for Donyell Malen to score. The last option falling off the seat showed his objectives scoring talent with a support, the second the final result of a frantic run, wherein he hacked inside two protectors to release his thunderclap.

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That they oversaw 23 endeavors in the game mirrors their going after mentality, however only seven shots were on track and three that tracked down the net’s back uncovered their messy getting done (seven off 64 in the entire competition). On the off chance that their advances could check that container, the Dutch could whirr into serious title competitors, and a chip off the old Complete Football block.

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